There are two suggested origins for the town name of Swan Lake. In one, it is suggested that the name has its origins from the swans that once visited the area. The other, is that the town is named in honor of Emmett Swan, an early resident.

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Tucked in the picturesque Seeley-Swan Valley and located at the southern tip of its namesake Swan Lake is the village of Swan Lake. Once a hopping timber camp in the early 1900s, Swan Lake is well-known for its incredible outdoor recreation activities. Year-round visitors use the town as a launching point for fishing area lakes and streams, hiking, llama trekking, birding, and backcountry cross-country skiing nearby mountains.

For cross country ski and ski skating enthusiasts, the Swan Mountain Ranch consists of 30 kilometers of trails on Swan River State Forest land under permit.

Visit the Swan River Wildlife Refuge, which is located at the south end of Swan Lake. During August, Swan Lake hosts the Annual Huckleberry Festival, a celebration of the elusive wild huckleberry.

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