We don’t have a job or even a career.

Ours is a calling.

By definition, a passion is something that can’t be controlled. It’s not the thing that someone pushes you to do; it’s the thing you have to do, the thing that beckons you. That’s why it’s called your calling. It knows your name. It comes to find you.

The work is the reward.

Who we are and what we do is one and the same. Since 2007 our client-centered approach has meant operating from our core values, continuously expanding our education and experience, and sharing with you only the best practices.

Great Real Estate Business = our ethics + your well-being

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Cause One

Pheasants International
Flathead Warming Center
Wildland Firefighters
BSA Troop 1933, Kalispell


Our education and experience result from having a single focus
– Northwest Montana Real Estate. It’s the only thing we do

Real estate is a fluid world with changing technologies and expanding opportunities. We aggressively pursue continuing education, and this commitment combined with our love of the area means we offer only the most current information and strategies.